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Monday, 7 December 2015

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Officially YouTube opened in Pakistan

YouTube is banned in Pakistan, now reports are coming YouTube is opened in Pakistan.

YouTube opened in Pakistan by mistake? will it be blocked again! is a burning question among Pakistani internet using community, they are messaging each other that YouTube is opened in Pakistan. As all of you know that YouTube was banned on 17 September 2012 in Pakistan by the orders of  Supreme Court of Pakistan.
When we consult the respondents of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, their answer was it is due to a technical glitch and it will be blocked again. Their policy on YouTube ban is still intact. Up till now YouTube is opened in Pakistan and peoples are enjoying it. Here I want to explain the importance of YouTube, why peoples are still crazy after a ban of three years. When there was ban Pakistani peoples discovers the ways to open the banned YouTube, it is surprising for me that their strength in number reaches half what it was when YouTube was not banned.

We know YouTube as a social video sharing site having entertainment, live tv and music videos and but now it is a large educational source having a lot of educational videos of different educational experts. People are also using YouTube as a promotional source for their business and for online marketing.
Recent Developments Aout YouTube
After the ban, in Pakistan YouTube again open 7 December 2015, I write this article on that day. after 42 days its opening is officially announced. According to reports now it's local version YouTube PK is introduced for Pakistani Users. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority also consulted the supreme court of Pakistan, ensures its safe use, clarify the mechanism of removing the prohibited contents  and monitoring.


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