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Saturday, 21 January 2017

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Zong Launches Whatsapp Daily, Special Offer

Zong Launches Whatsapp Daily, Special Offer, complete details of Whatsapp Daily, Special Offer.

Zong Launches Whatsapp Daily, Special Offer

According to recent news, Zong partnered with WhatsApp to launch a WhatsApp Special Offer. As we know WhatsApp is one of the best social app with a lot of unique features like voice and video calling etc. now with the only Rs.15+tax, Zong users can enjoy unlimited voice and video calling through Whatsapp. As Zong has the fastest data network with 4G LTE coverage, it would be the effective network for WhatsApp based voice and video calls from all over the world.
The official statement “By offering this bundle with Zong, WhatsApp is able to make our industry-leading calling service more affordable and convenient in Pakistan, and seamlessly connect more people across the region and the world,” says Mubarik Imam, Partnerships and Growth Director at WhatsApp.
“Now, you can see your child’s face at university or show the grandparents their grandchild’s first steps from wherever you are without having to find a wifi zone”,

Zong WhatsApp Special Offer, Whatsapp Daily Details

The name of Zong WhatsApp special offer is Whatsapp Daily. As name Whatsapp Daily indicates it is valid for one day with the price of just Rs. 15. The beauty of Whatsapp Daily package is, you can enjoy unlimited voice and video callings up to the data limits of 300MB from all over the world.

Simply subscribe Whatsapp Daily offer by dialing *4#


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