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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Interesting 2017 Guinness World Records That Will Leave You Amazed


Interesting 2017 Guinness World Records That Will Leave You Amazed

Like other years, 2017 is one that breaks a number of world records set by people who realized their true potential, and performed unbelievable acts live in front of thousands of viewers worldwide. There are a lot of records which were made during 2017, I am going to narrate best interesting and unique world records documented in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017.

World’s longest legs 

Russian model, Ekaterina Lisina at the age of 29 gains World’s longest legs Guinness world record with the length of 132cm. Her height is 6ft 8.77. Now she has set a new Guinness world record for the female longest legs. 

Woman with the longest fingernails in the world

Friday, 22 December 2017

TEVTA Free Technical Courses in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts

TEVTA Free Technical Courses for Girls and Boys in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts
TEVTA Free Technical Courses in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts

Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) is a Punjab Government famous authority working with the Message, to enhance global competitiveness in Punjab, through a quality and productive workforce by developing demand driven, standardized, dynamic and integrated technical education and vocational training service.
TEVTA Free Technical Courses in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts
TEVTA Free Technical Courses for Girls and Boys in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts
TEVTA is Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority of Punjab. It offers various short-term courses and long-term training and diplomas. The trainees will meet the needs of domestic and global labor market after successful completion of vocational training courses. These technical courses have been designed with the consultation of an industry. The purpose of introducing these free technical courses is to produce employable skilled workforce.
TEVTA Free Technical Courses in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts
  • TEVTA has announced 6 months free short course in 355 Technical and Vocational Institutes.
  • Training and admission is free.
  • Career counseling along with education.
  • Access to industry master trainers during the study.
  • For personal business interests free loans.
TEVTA Free Technical Courses in Punjab 2018 Admission Starts

List of Industry Demand Driven Short Course

Sr. NoCoursesDetails / Institutes
1Auto Electrician[View / Download]
2Auto Mechanic[View / Download]
3AutoCAD[View / Download]
4Beautician[View / Download]
5Chinese Language[View / Download]
6Civil Surveyor[View / Download]
7Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Operator[View / Download]
8Confectionery Bakery & Sweets[View / Download]
9Domestic Tailoring[View / Download]
10Electrician[View / Download]
11Electronics Equipment Repair[View / Download]
12Fabric Printing[View / Download]
13Fashion Designing[View / Download]
14Finishing & Polishing of Furniture[View / Download]
15Generator Repair[View / Download]
16Graphic Designing[View / Download]
17Home Appliance & Repair[View / Download]
18House Carpenter[View / Download]
19Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR)[View / Download]
20Industrial Stitching Machine Operator[View / Download]
21Kashigari[View / Download]
22Machine Embroidery[View / Download]
23Machinist[View / Download]
24Mobile Repairing[View / Download]
25Motor Cycle Mechanic[View / Download]
26Motor Winding[View / Download]
27Plumber[View / Download]
28Professional Cooking[View / Download]
29Quantity Surveyor[View / Download]
30Rice Milling & Processing Plant Operator[View / Download]
31Solar (PV) System for Power Generations[View / Download]
32Steel Fixer[View / Download]
33Tools & Die Making[View / Download]
34Tractor Mechanic[View / Download]
35Tractor Operator[View / Download]
36Tunnel Farming[View / Download]
37UPS Repair[View / Download]
38Web Designing[View / Download]
39Welder[View / Download]
40Wireman[View / Download]
41Microsoft IT Academies[View / Download]
Note: Classes will start from 8 January 2018.
The address of all TEVTA institutions in all districts of Punjab is given in the below link along with Phone, Fax and Email addresses.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Zong Offers Unlimited Free Whatsapp Calls, Messages, and Videos

Zong Free Unlimited Whatsapp Offer
Zong is a Pakistan mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services. It is Pakistan’s second largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of the subscriber base of over 29 million. Like other cellular networks, Zong Pakistan is also launching exciting offers in order to gain maximum subscribers. Free Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp recent offer is one of them.
Zong free unlimited WhatsApp offer is an unparalleled offer for its data users. Its customers can now enjoy unlimited access to WhatsApp for absolutely no charge. By providing free access to all WhatsApp services, Zong 4G allows its customers to stay connected and make unlimited calls through WhatsApp, to all networks, anywhere in the world, even without any balance. The offer extends to both video and voice calls and further includes multimedia sharing/downloading, voice and text messages, through one of the most widely used smartphone applications in the world.

Telenor offers Free Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp


Free Enjoy Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter on Telenor

Telenor Pakistan is an international provider of voice, data and mobile communication services in 13 markets across Europe and Asia. Telenor Group is among the largest mobile operators in the world, with over 166 million mobile subscriptions working since 1855. Currently, Telenor Pakistan has a total subscriber base of 40 million with over 28% SIM market share. Like other cellular networks, Telenor Pakistan is also launching exciting offers in order to gain maximum subscribers. Free Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp recent offer is one of them.
  • Telenor is providing  Free Telenor social bundle offer, 100MBs of data for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp free of charge for one whole day.
  • All prepaid customers, both Djuice and Telenor subscribers, can avail this offer by diae ling *5*325# to enjoy free Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. There are no activation charges of this offer.
  • The 100MBs expire after one day and the package needs to be re-subscribed every day.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

WAPDA launches Mobile App to view Loadshedding Schedule and Bill Details

WAPDA launches Mobile App for its Consumers to view Loadshedding Schedule and Bill Details
The Water and Power Development Authority is a government-owned public utility maintaining power and water in Pakistan. As technology is evolving day by day, Finally WAPDA decided to use it for the Convenience of Consumers.  A very useful mobile application is developed for electricity consumers to check Load-shedding Schedule and Billing Details. This app also allows its consumers to get the estimated bill through bill estimator by just entering consumed units. Currently, this application is available only on Android mobiles.

How to Know WAPDA Load Shedding Schedule

It is very simple, first type Roshan Pakistan in google play store on your Android mobiles. Install the application Roshan Pakistan and open it. There come three options first one is Load Shedding Schedule. Just enter the meter reference number, which can be seen on the bill, actual and planned load-shedding schedule in terms of hours appears instantly. You’ll also get details like your name, address, feeder, and grid as well as an hour by hour breakdown of the load-shedding schedule, There is also an option to generate a graph of the schedule.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Writing Research Papers, A Complete Guide


Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide, 15th Edition

Writing research papers is a skill and compulsory required for certain degrees, like masters, M.Phill, Ph.D. and post doc etc. Students suffer a lot during research paper write up; I also suffer during my M. Phill for research write up. I consult different seniors what they advise me, I already added here on helping hands by the title of Thesis Writing Help And Dissertation Literature Free.

Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?

How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?
 First, what is smog? Modern smog, as found for example in Lahore, is a type of air pollution derived from vehicular emission from internal combustion engines and industrial fumes that react in the atmosphere with sunlight to form secondary pollutants that also combine with the primary emissions to form photochemical smog.
The major effect of smog prevailing in Lahore and various regions of Punjab, since a week, causing various health problems and reduced visibility on roads.
Smog causes a lot of health issues like eye infections, allergies, coughing, chest infection, pain when breathing, and shortness of breath. When the concentration of smog increases, so do the number of emergency room visits. It can even cause premature deaths in some cases.


Who is Target of Smog?
Smog is harmful to all the persons, facing it including the children’s, adults, old age persons, and patients. It is affecting everyone who is facing it. Though its reaction is slow, as a person continuously lives in such environment its effects is more detrimental.
Children: Children’s lungs may be its main victim as they are are still developing and have smaller airways. Children breathe more rapidly than adults and also tend to spend more time outside playing which exposes them to smog.
People with existing respiratory Issues: People who already suffer from various respiratory conditions like asthma, and allergies are at a greater risk of becoming ill. These people have poor lung function and capacity. Microparticles in the air can cause inflammation in their lungs and aggravate their illness.
Old Age Persons/ Seniors: Seniors are at a higher risk of becoming ill due to particles found in the air due to smog. They already have weaker lungs, heart and immune system so they are unable to hold up against it without medication and doctor care. Smog is particularly dangerous for older people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and respiratory conditions.
Signs, Symptoms of Smog:
As now we are living in smog affected environment, its signs that are affecting us are various, some of the main signs of smog, or effects on our health are listed below.

Safety Measure or Precautions against Smog

Smog is affecting our lifestyle badly, there is no shortcut to overcome it, still, experts are advising some safety measures or precautions against smog. Following these instructions, we can overcome its effects to some extent, some main precautions or safety measures are listed below.
How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?


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