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Monday, 13 November 2017

Writing Research Papers, A Complete Guide


Writing Research Papers A Complete Guide, 15th Edition

Writing research papers is a skill and compulsory required for certain degrees, like masters, M.Phill, Ph.D. and post doc etc. Students suffer a lot during research paper write up; I also suffer during my M. Phill for research write up. I consult different seniors what they advise me, I already added here on helping hands by the title of Thesis Writing Help And Dissertation Literature Free.

Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?

How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?
 First, what is smog? Modern smog, as found for example in Lahore, is a type of air pollution derived from vehicular emission from internal combustion engines and industrial fumes that react in the atmosphere with sunlight to form secondary pollutants that also combine with the primary emissions to form photochemical smog.
The major effect of smog prevailing in Lahore and various regions of Punjab, since a week, causing various health problems and reduced visibility on roads.
Smog causes a lot of health issues like eye infections, allergies, coughing, chest infection, pain when breathing, and shortness of breath. When the concentration of smog increases, so do the number of emergency room visits. It can even cause premature deaths in some cases.


Who is Target of Smog?
Smog is harmful to all the persons, facing it including the children’s, adults, old age persons, and patients. It is affecting everyone who is facing it. Though its reaction is slow, as a person continuously lives in such environment its effects is more detrimental.
Children: Children’s lungs may be its main victim as they are are still developing and have smaller airways. Children breathe more rapidly than adults and also tend to spend more time outside playing which exposes them to smog.
People with existing respiratory Issues: People who already suffer from various respiratory conditions like asthma, and allergies are at a greater risk of becoming ill. These people have poor lung function and capacity. Microparticles in the air can cause inflammation in their lungs and aggravate their illness.
Old Age Persons/ Seniors: Seniors are at a higher risk of becoming ill due to particles found in the air due to smog. They already have weaker lungs, heart and immune system so they are unable to hold up against it without medication and doctor care. Smog is particularly dangerous for older people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and respiratory conditions.
Signs, Symptoms of Smog:
As now we are living in smog affected environment, its signs that are affecting us are various, some of the main signs of smog, or effects on our health are listed below.

Safety Measure or Precautions against Smog

Smog is affecting our lifestyle badly, there is no shortcut to overcome it, still, experts are advising some safety measures or precautions against smog. Following these instructions, we can overcome its effects to some extent, some main precautions or safety measures are listed below.
How to Stay Safe During Smog Season?

Friday, 6 October 2017

How To Stop Facebook from spying on you

How to Stop Facebook from Spying on You
Among social networks Facebook is on top with over 1.39 billion active users per month. The concerning point is, Online privacy of the user is violated by Facebook through tracking cookies. Stop Facebook from spying on you... and other ways to protect your online privacy book is written by The Editors of Bottom Line Personal to answer the questions about Internet Spying, Facebook Spying on You and other serious privacy issues like our location at any given time, expanding nature, unintentionally divulging matters etc.
Stop Facebook from spying on you... and other ways to protect your online privacy

Monday, 2 October 2017

Enjoy Ebooks into Audiobooks on Android


Enjoy Ebooks into Audiobooks on Android


Normally people prefer listening audio books instead of physical reading. As it has a lot of benefits like you can do other works simultaneously. Usually, people listen to audio books during cooking, driving or before sleeping etc. Mostly people use purchased the Audible subscription for listening audible books. It is not only costly but also some books are unavailable to subcontinent users due to copyright issues.
Like others, I also love to listen to books instead of boring reading, as I myself am running an educational blog about free eBooks of all major categories. I daily search hundreds of books to find the best book for my site. During the search, I found millions of free eBooks on different sites. I often find the attractive books and store them in a separate folder to read them, whenever to find the time. But most of them are still there and I could not find the time.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

How To File Tax Return Online In Pakistan


File A Tax Return Online Complete Guide


File Tax Return Background
I am a Government employee in BPS 17, my annual salary is more than the taxpayers limit 400,000/- PKR. Though my tax is taken from my salary automatically by the finance department. But still, I have not taken the National Tax Number, NTN number from FBR. The reason is the complexity of the process. In this week I came to know that now our CNIC number is regarded as NTN number, so one problem is solved second is how to file Your Wealth Statement and Income Tax Statement. To know about them I visited the local FBR office in my district, what they guide me is listed below step by step.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

NADRA Online CNIC Issuance and Renewal Service


Now Get NADRA CNIC within 10 Days At Home

NADRA inaugurates online CNIC issuance and renewal service first time in Pakistan. Earlier this getting CNIC was not an easy task, you have to wait in lines and visit again and again to the local NADRA offices. Keeping in view all such hurdles NADRA announces online CNIC issuance and renewal service. Federal interior minister Ch. Nisar Ahmad inaugurated Pak-Identity named online service. Now no need to visit the NADRA offices, except those who are going to make CNIC first time for biometric verification. You have to just pay the fee from home(even if you are abroad) by credit card, debit card or through nadra saholat center.

Online CNIC Issuance and Renewal Service

To apply for online CNIC issuance and renewal service visit following useful links.
Visit and start for online CNIC registration.
Visit for documents needed details.
Visit for online CNIC Fee details.
Visit for helpful videos about uploading process.
Visit for applying new CNIC or reprints
After opening the online CNIC registration site, there are five options choose which is required by you.
1. Get a new ID Card.
2. Renew your ID Card, in case of expiry.
3. Reprint your ID Card.
4. Get a new Overseas ID Card.
5. Modifying your ID Card Details.
After selecting one according to need among them, it processes further like fee, required documents etc. fee and documents requested depends on the type of card and your locality like in Pakistan or abroad. Overall it is a good positive change. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

How to Get Kisan Card, Registration By Punjab Government


Kisan Card Registration By Punjab Government

Pakistan is an agriculture country, it 70% population is directly or indirectly attached to agriculture. Unfortunately, farmers are overlooked by government. The Punjab government is somehow taking initiatives by the name of kisan package. In kisan package, farmers are facilitated by loan, subsidized rates of seed, fertilizers and agricultural machinery.  Technology is being used to make the whole process transparent. kisan card is one of them.


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