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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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Adsense Approval Trick with Payee Name & Country Change Option

A complete guide on How To Get Approved For Adsense Within Two Hours, How to Change Google AdSense Payee and country Name? according to Google policies.

Google AdSense is unique among all online earning ways. Actually it is a program that serves the publishers content with automatic text, image or video advertisements. The revenue generated by ads is shared with publisher / webmasters. So it is a keen desire by every website owner/ blogger to get Google Ad Sense account, Google has tough approval criteria for AdSense account.  
To solve this problem of webmasters, I try to share this 100% true approved genuine working personal Adsense account approval trick with payee name and country change option. Online earning is a skill getting approved personal Ad sense account doesn’t mean now you will earn thousands of dollars monthly. I have already written a complete article about Online earning ways and online fraud. Making money with Google depends mainly on original valuable content with good number of visitors.
How To Get Approved For Adsense Within Two Hours
Let’s start Ad sense approval trick with payee name and country change option. To get approved for adsense within two hours, first make a new G mail account.
Visit YouTube, using G mail account. If you are living at a place where YouTube is banned, like Pakistan than open it using proxy servers like Zenmate extension for Google chrome etc.
Click Enable my account Written blue in the center. As clear in the screenshot.

Another page appear with the heading of ’’Enable your account for monetization’’. Accept all terms and condition. As shown in the screenshot given below.

Create your channel by visiting channel section; upload any unique short video, adding suitable description and Tags.
Visit youtube page and click the topic “How Will I be Paid” and click on the link “Associate an Adsense Account“. As shown in The screenshot.

Now, It will direct you Google AdSense account making page, there will be two options at bottom of page either you want to use this email or want to create new, select first one. It will lead to account filling form as shown in screen shot,
fill your details like country name  Address, Payee Name etc. after that submit it. In 1 or 2 hours You will receive an email about an Approved Ad sense account. 

Google AdSense Account Ready For Blog And Websites

Now, it is time to make money with Google by adding this Ad Sense account with yours blog and websites. First Login to Ad sense account. go to account settings, my ads section, new ad unit, write suitable name, select suitable size, add type, save and get code. Put this add code in your blog or website where you want the adds to show, that’s done. Adds will start appearing after one hour.

Note: During making G mail account, in location section at the bottom of page write United States  and in mobile number section add your country name and mobile no. actual you have. As during whole process they verify mobile number and reference email two or more than two times by text message or voice call.
How to Change Google AdSense Payee Name?
Earlier change in Google ad sense payee name was impossible, but now by recent changes Google policy, make it possible. First login Adsense account Click the Gear icon  on top right of dashboard, click Payments and then Payee Profile. Than go to Billing Contacts, here you can edit or add new contract details.
First  Step
Second Step
Change Country in Google Ad sense Account?It solved all the issues related to mistakes in their payee names. And now you can add another person to collect the payment.

How to Change Country in Google Ad sense Account?

Earlier change in Google ad sense Country name was impossible, but now by recent changes in Goole policy, make it possible by certain limitation. Limitation are mentioned below as such.
Reason #1: The payment currency in your account currently isn’t available as a payment currency in your new country.
Reason #2:
You’re changing your country to a country outside of your contracting entity.
I try my best to explain all steps clearly. If you have any questions about Ad sense then comment section is open for you.


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