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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

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Domestic Biogas Plant Construction Materials

complete guide about domestic biogas plant construction materials and appliances like Cement, sand, gravels, water, bricks, main gas pipes etc.

In domestic biogas plant construction guide, we have discussed how to produce gobar gas plant in general and its benefits, components, size, site selection are described in detail earlier. Standards and specifications of domestic biogas plant construction materials and appliances are presented here in detail with images.
Cement, sand, gravels, water, bricks, acrylic emulsion paint, mild steel bars, main gas pipe, main gas valve, pipes and fittings, water outlet, gas tap, rubber hose pipe, gas stove, gas lamp, gas pressure gauge and mixing device are the main material which is required for domestic biogas plant construction. Quality of Cement, sand, gravels, water, bricks and other material used is really important for durability of bio gas plant.
Acrylic Emulsion Paint
Acrylic emulsion paint is used to make the dome / gas holder of biodigester air tight. Paint used for this purpose must be of good quality and standard well known company.
Mild Steel Bars
Mild steel bars are used for the construction of the covers of the outlet tank. Mild steel bars used should be of good quality and free from heavy rust. For plants of 4, 6 and 8 cum, MS rods of 8 mm diameter and for plant of 10 cum capacity 10 mm diameter bars should be used.
Main Gas Pipe
Main gas pipe at least 60 cm long is used to convey the gas from gas holder and is placed at top most portion of the dome.
The joint of reduction elbow with this pipe should be perfect and gas tight otherwise gas leakage from this joint can not be stopped easily. Therefore it is recommended that the reduction elbow has to be fitted in a workshop to ensure perfect air-tightness of the joint. This pipe should be made up of light quality iron and MS rod has to be welded at one end to embed it with the concrete during installation.
Main gas valve
Main gas valve is used to controls the flow of biogas in the pipeline from the gas holder.
It is opened when gas is to be used and closed after each use. To avoid the leakage of gas, Main gas valve of good quality should be used.
Water Outlet
Water Outlet drains the water condensed inside the pipeline when biogas comes in contact with the cool pipe. It should be easy to operate and threads in it should be perfect. It should be ensured that the hole in the screw nut is bored properly and is located at the right place. The thickness of the nylon washer has to be 4mm and either a 4 cm long handle pin or a properly knurled opener should be used.
Gas Tap
Gas tap is used for regulating flow of gas to the gas stove. Gas tap should be of high quality to avoid gas leakage through them. It should not be too tight or loose to operate.
Rubber Hose Pipe
Rubber Hose Pipe is used to convey gas from the gas tap to the stove.
This pipe should be made up of high quality neoprene rubber and should not develop cracks when folded. It should have 15 mm outer and 9 mm inner diameters. The minimum wall thickness of the pipe should be 2.5 mm.
Gas Stove
Gas stoves can be used of both types single and double burners. In general a single burner gas stove is used for household purposes. The stove should be of good quality and strong enough to firmly rest in ground. The primary air intake should be easily adjustable and the holes should be properly placed. The jet and pipe leading to the burner should be straight and aligned properly.
Gas Lamp
Gas lamp used should be of high quality.
Gas Pressure Gauge
U-shaped pressure gauge, manometer made up-of a transparent plastic or glass tube and filled with coloured water or a clock-type digital or analogue pressure meter has to be installed in the conveyance system to monitor the pressure of gas.
Mixing Device
This device is used to prepare good quality water dung solution in the inlet tank when cattle dung is used as feeding material. Usually for household biogas digesters, vertical mixing devices are installed. The device should be of good quality, as per the design, and the mixing blades have to be well galvanised. The blade should be properly aligned for the effective mixing.
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