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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

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Ad Networks like Adsense, RevenueHits Review

Check out Ad Networks Like Adsense, RevenueHits complete Review, RevenueHits is a best google adsense alternative or google ad alternatives.

Ad Networks like Adsense, RevenueHits personal Review

There is no drought still Google AdSense is top and best website, blog monetizing, ad serving network with high paying rates. There are more than 100 ad serving networks, but their paying rates are very slow and publisher first choice is Google AdSense or Ad Networks like Adsense. There are a lot of ad serving networks, which claim Google AdSense alternative, I use some of them like Chitika, bidverds, infolinks etc, but left them due to very low paying rates.

I was enjoying Google AdSense on my educational blog for four years with reasonable earnings. Last month, I was surprised to see my blog without adds, I opened the Google AdSense account, my tension increased to know that they disable Google Adsense ads due to their strict policy. After reading the complete message, it was impossible for me to solve the issue in order to restore the ads. I was in a serious worry because I have already used and left the so-called Google Adsense alternatives like Chitika, bidverds, infolinks etc. but I have no option except moving towards Google AdSense alternatives. I try to search Ad Networks like Adsense, after reading so many reviews, I decided to add RevenueHits as an ad serving network on my educational blog.

RevenueHits Personal Experience Based Review


RevenueHits is successfully working since 2008 which shows its credibility. I was searching for Ad Networks like Adsense, I was pleased to see the main heading of RevenueHits, Best AdSense alternative. The other reason for joining RevenueHits is, they require no special technical expertise’s to become a RevenueHits publisher. As I applied for affiliate programs and they reject my blog, RevenueHits accepts all type of sites and blogs. RevenueHits is a self-service for publishers if you are interested to join simply click here to get started in just one minute.

Like other ad serving networks, for Ad Networks like Adsense, RevenueHits you need to add a website or blog URL, category and a brief description to get started with immediate approval, really fast. After approval add a name, phone, and password etc.

For new ones joining Ad Networks like Adsense, RevenueHits First need to add a website and then select a new placement to add. A placement is an ad designed to be someplace on your website. They have several types of ads like:
·         Banners
·         PopUnders
·         Slider
·         Shadow Box
·         Top Banner
·         158*21 Button
·         Footer
·         Interstitial
The best feature of Ad Networks like Adsense, RevenueHits is PopUnders which worked great for me because the click rate can be really high and you don’t need to get clicks in your banners to earn money. The beauty of PopUnders is that whenever the user clicks at any place on site and add automatically opens in new window resulting in more revenue. Due to this feature, my daily clicks climb up to 200, 300, which were 20 to 50 during Google Adsense ads.
The limiting factor is, a location of traffic, as its revenue is connected with traffic location. If you’re 5 to 10% traffic is coming from the USA, the UK then you can daily earn a reasonable amount.

RevenueHits Ads creation

 Simply open placements tab in your RevenueHits account. There will be 2 options – “New Placement” and “New Mobile Placement“.
“New Placement” means the ads related to Desktop site
 “New Mobile Placement” means the ads related to the Mobile site.
  “New Placement” tab will run both on Pc and mobile.
There are so many ad formats and ad types available in “New Placement” tab.
                                        1) Banner

                                        2) 158×21 Button

                                        3) 468×60 Footer

                                        4) 728×90 Footer

                                        5) Interstitial

                                        6) Popunder
                                        7) Shadow Box

                                        8) Slider

                                        9) Topbar

 After selection of required ad slot, now setup the ad code and place it on your site.  

  • now once you are on Placements tab in your RevenueHits account, select your required placement (Desktop/mobile) and then select your required placement type (ad). So for example, I’m taking Popunder ad in the “New Placement” ads.
  • So now it’ll show you a form type and in that, you have to fill some details like Placement name, selection of your Site, Description of your Ad etc and finally click “Save”.
  • So once you save it, Placements tab will be opened automatically and all the ads you created will appear in  Placements tab.  So on your required ad, you should click this “</>” button and then the ad code of your ad will open in a box.
  • Now you have to copy that Ad code and place it on your blog/site.
  • So like this, you have to create your required Ad and place it on your site/blog.

RevenueHits Dashboard Setup

Its dashboard is nice with a better user interface having your stats including impressions, clicks, eCPM and Revenue from the last 8 days. This is the screenshot of my last eight days earning.

RevenueHits Payments


RevenueHits can pay you via Paypal, Payoneer or Wire transfers with the payment threshold as low as $20. I am using Payoneer and they pay on a NET 30 basis. Usually, payment of a month comes on 28 of next month.

Ad Networks like Adsense,RevenueHits Conclusion

Honestly speaking, RevenueHits is one of the best Ad Networks like Adsense. After losing Adsense, it gives me a real pacification. As I say earlier, I have worked with other so-called Google AdSense alternatives like Chitika, bidverds, infolinks etc. but RevenueHits is one and only Ad Networks like Adsense. Unlike other advertising networks, it is a performance-based advertising network. It is a CPA based advertising network which pays around $30 in eCPM. It is a Geo-Targeted and Contextual Ad Network; it adjusts according to the traffic your blog receives rather than you bringing in the traffic an advertiser requires. From payment point of view, they are reliable and paying since 2008.


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