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Saturday, 19 December 2015

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Google Search Quality Ratings Official Document

Free download, leaked, google search quality ratings official document, page quality rating guidelines and understanding mobile user needs.

Leaked: Google Search Quality Ratings Official Document
Year: 2015 File Size: 7.1 MB | File Type: Pdf | Pages: 160 | Category: Blogger 

Google search quality ratings document is also leaked last year but the document presented here is latest one of 2015, it may be leaked by evaluators hired by Google. These Google search quality ratings are detailed and really helpful for webmasters, Bloggers and SEOs experts. I read it completely; the main thing focused here is website reputation, low quality and high quality content types. There is lot of examples describing page quality rating scale, characteristics of high quality pages and low quality main content.

 The document presented here is actually a training guide for Google agents to research the web and rank them. One study reveals that Google has more than forty thousand agents to manually check the sites. This booklet has all the guidelines to rank a site with so many examples of real sites. It is dream of every webmaster/ blogger to rank his /her site higher. In this regard this document is really helpful to understand the key segments, improve them up to the standards, so that their sites can be ranked higher. Some key contents are described below.

Page Quality Rating Guideline

Page quality rating guidelines are the best part of this document. First rating terminology is discussed like low quality, lowest quality, high quality and highest quality, based on them page quality rating scale is developed and is illustrated with examples.

Understanding Mobile User Needs

Its second part is about understanding mobile user needs, mobile queries and mobile results. According to a recent study now internet users on mobile are more than on computer or laptop users. Now webmasters have to make changes accordingly like responsive template etc. 
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