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Friday, 31 July 2015


Domestic Biogas Plant Construction Complete Guide 3rd Part

gobar gas domestic biogas plant construction complete guide, size, construction site selection and quality standards 0f construction materials.

Domestic Biogas Plant Construction Complete Guide
In first part of Gobargas domestic biogas plant construction manual, we discussed it’s all contents, in detail, biogas introduction and development around the world. In 2nd part material required for home biogas plant, benefits of gobar gas domestic biogas plant, its models and components were discussed. In this part I will try to describe its fixing, installation, this is very important step, it requires so much care and attention. I divide it in further parts so that the reader can understand it easily.
  • Size Selection of Biogas Plant Design
  • Construction Site Selection
  • Quality Standards 0f Construction Materials
  • Plant Layout Of Bio Gas Plant
  • Digging Of Pit
  • Construction Of Digester
  • Construction Of Dome (Gas Holder)
  • Digester And Gas Holder Plastering
  • Construction Of Manhole And Outlet
  • Construction Of Inlet
  • Pipeline And Appliances Fitting
  • Construction of Compost Pits

Size Selection of Biogas Plant Design

Size selection is first important step for gobar gas/biogas plant construction. Size of a biogas plant depends on daily available quantity of feeding materials/gobar and biogas requirements. In size selecting preference should be given to availability of dung not the family size or gas demand.
On the basis of size, fixed biogas plant design are divided into following four types.

Size of fixed biogas plant design can be classified on the basis of quantity of fuel wood saved per day and the availability of feeding material cattle dung etc.

Construction Site Selection
Construction site selection is also an important step, following factors must be kept in mind during site selection.
  • Site should be easy for construction works and guarantee plant safety
  • There should be a site of minimum 10*15 feet for a family size bio gas plant
  • It should be away from the shade of tree or wall.
  • It should be away from water reservoir, and water table should be minimum 15 feet.
  • Temperature inside the digester should be 20-35°C, so avoid damp and cool place, Sunny site is preferable.
  • Kitchen should be near as possible.
Quality Standards 0f Construction Materials
Quality standards 0f construction materials is of supreme importance for proper functioning of biodigester. Thè material required mainly are cement, sand, gravels, bricks, acrylic emulsion paint, mild steel bars, main gas pipe, main gas valve, gas stove, gas pressure gauge and mixing device.
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