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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

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Re-Verification of NADRA CNIC Starts through SMS

Re-Verification of NADRA CNIC Starts through SMS

Re-Verification of NADRA CNIC Starts through SMS


Re-Verification of NADRA CNIC was in news since last month. People were also in worry and tension about the procedure of re-verification. After a lot of discussions, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan approved a plan for re-verification of 180 million NADRA CNICs starting from July 1. According to details, NADRA has established a helpline with a capacity of handling 10,000 calls and 150,000 SMS per day. The advised time for complete re-verification process of 180 million NADRA CNICs is six months. Illegal NADRA CNIC card holders are inducted in family trees, to look legit. However, with this 8008 service you can identify any unknown names/persons who are appearing in your family tree.

Details of Re-Verification of NADRA CNIC

According to recent details, NADRA has launched the SMS service for re-verification of CNICs through SMS. Its beauty is all the things are kept simple. Now to use this service all registered CNIC holders have to send a message to check who else is registered under his family tree. When you message you will instantly get an Urdu message with details of all family member registered as your family member. If you see anyone named other than the family member, you have to report by replying that message. So that the administration can take action against them. 

As   for getting NADRA CNIC, you have to give the proof of registered family.

Persons which are not family heads also can check family tree through SMS.

How to Verify NADRA CNIC through SMS?

Simply you have to send your CNIC number, with or without dashes to 8008. In reply, you will receive the names of all registered family persons in Urdu message. If there is any unknown person, illegally registered under your family tree, reply the message with 1, an official representative will contact you soon. If all the information is correct reply with 2, they will send you as Thank you -- NADRA RE-VERIFICATION Service.  


The major drawback of this service is that persons knowing your CNIC number can also get the names of your registered family members.

Recent Update: The National Database Regulatory Authority is verifying CNICs by showing their family tree since 1st July.  This program is of six months, the recent details shown in recent meeting chaired by the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar. More than 400,000 people have used the SMS service to verify their family trees, up till now 13,000 unknown people, illegally registered under any family tree are reported and Pakistani agencies are tracing them.

To ensure the complete secrecy for individuals reporting unknown person, illegally registered under their family tree Nadra claims that their details should not be disclosed.


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