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Sunday, 15 November 2015


Tips to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

Tips to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

The best feature of iPhone, iPod and android mobiles is applications, you can easily install and uninstall desired applications including books, sports, games, entertainment etc from google play store. Beside this the most popular applications are social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. The beauty is these applications load easily and you can enjoy at less internet speed.
The real frustrating issue with iPhone, iPod and android mobiles users is battery. Sometimes battery battery goes down within matter of hours. The question mostly asked is who can iPhone battery last longer, even some ask that should I stop using my iPhone to save its battery? No you don’t need to do this and we have some tips for you to make iPhone, iPod or iPad battery last longer. It’s not necessary that you follow all the tips instead you can use only those which suit you most.

Close Unnecessary Applications

People open the applications and don’t care about closing them. They kept running and consumes battery. It is advised to close  all apps that you are not using.
To close the unnecessary applications push home button twice and it will display all your running/opened applications.
From these applications you can close the desired one by sliding from left to right or right to left, it will disappear.

Screen Brightness Should Be Adjusted


If screen brightness is adjusted high it will consumes more battery. It should be adjusted at lower level. I adjust it at last lower level. People don’t know about this important step, jut go to mobile settings and adjusted it at lower level.

Turn Off Screen Instantly After Use

Screen should be turned off after use, as it saves a lot of your battery. Turning off screen is really simple just press the sleep/wake button which is on the upper side of iPhone and on side in most of android sets. It will turn off you screen.

Wifi, Bluetooth And GPS Should Be Off


The most common mistake done by mobile WiFi users is they kept WiFi on, even when they are not using internet. WiFi constantly drains your battery it should be off when you are not using it, same is the case with Bluetooth and GPS. After using GPS and transferring data from Bluetooth battery it should be turned off to save the battery.

Battery Charge Time And Period


The common practice for charging battery is to charge after consuming it fully  and charge it upto 100%. It not only affects the battery timing but also damage the battery. For better performance of battery charge it when it is 30 to 40 percent remaining and charge it upto 80 to 90 percent.
Keep Vibration Off
We should put our set on vibration, when necessary and should be kept off, when it isn’t required. To keep mobile battery longer it is advised to keep vibration off.

3G/4G Services Should Be Off After Use


3G/4G services are required for internet use especially for video calls. To run battery for longer time, 3G/4G services should be off after use.

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